SYTYCD Finale: JOSHUA ALLEN is “America’s Favorite Dancer!”

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So, if you haven’t heard, Joshua Allen is America’s Favorite Dancer, as he was announced the winner of Season 4 of SYTYCD! He is the first hip hop (street) dancer to win this competition. Throughout the season, the judges kept reminding the viewers that he had no training, and that was necessary if you saw his versatility, technique, and unique dance-style. Next to Sabra, he is my favorite winner of SYTYCD because of his creativity, sense-of-humor, ability to stay humble, and the fact that he had a perfect season (never in the bottom 3 couples or 2 guys). I am really proud that my favorite dancer throughout the competition was announced the winner because he really deserved it!

Top 20 Dance Routine:

Although I thought Katee Shean should have been runner-up, she finished in third place, but since she was the highest-ranking female, she received a grand prize of $50,000 which she really deserved and will help her dance career skyrocket. She too had a flawless season, besides coming in third place last night. Her versatility, creativity, and beautiful face is to be envied by many dancers. Another great competitor in SYTYCD history.

It also wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make a special shout-out to Stephen “Twitch” Boss who was voted runner-up and Courtney Galiano, who finished in fourth place. They were both competitors (one an early favorite; the other had to fight week after week). Either way, they are amazing dancers and I am positive their dance career will continue to flourish. I cannot wait to hear more from all of these talented dancers. As Lil C would say their “dramatization, imagination, and personification of dancers are absolutely incredible.”








Overall, the recap of the recap of the season was incredible. It really makes me realize how many talented dancers we have in this country and even abroad. I always “girly” when they recap the entire season. Initially, I didn’t think the season was going to be that great, but that is because everyone started on the same level and slowly started to separate. This season was fantastic!

The season finale of SYTYCD was filled with many highs and some lows. The most memorable moments for me were “The best of SYTYCD,” where they brought back many contestants of SYTYCD to dance and updates (I wish Donyelle danced last night, but at least I know she is getting married).

Another great moment of the season finale was the dance battle between Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb. Although I like Phillip, I am glad to see Robert win because I think he style is more unique. I’m sure many people will disagree with this, but I think the judges got it right with this one.

It was great to see the judges proving they can actually dance, so I loved Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe dancing. I never realized how sexy Mary was, but she was incredible and her legs are very sexy! Mary Murphy dancing with D’Mitry from SYTYCD Season 2 was hot:

Another memorable moment was Cirque DU Soleil, which I will add clips when I can find them. Also, Nigel Lythgoe tap-dancing with some dancers from the incredible Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA):

Some lows were that Sabra Johnson (Winner of SYTYCD Season 3) did not come back for the entire season. I am not sure why, but I waited for her through all the episodes, and there wasn’t even the slightest update. The greatest low of the night for me were the Jonas Brothers. Please don’t ask me why, but I really do not like this group for some reason. I thought we got out of that “teeny-bopper” phase in the late 1990’s- early 2000’s.

Judges Picks:Some were even better performed the second-time around and I am always intrigued to know what the judges favorite dances were. My favorite judge pick that was performed last night was Katee and Will (Pas de Deux), choreographed by Desmond Richardson. The first time was amazing and the second time around was even better.

The moment we have all been waiting for… WHO WILL BE “AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCER?!”

Overall, this has been an incredible season of SYTYCD. I have a couple of friends that are auditioning next year, so it would be a dream of mine to blog about them. I also cannot wait until Brandon Bryant comes back next year to try out and win the competition. He should have been in the Top 20 this season, but since I can’t change that, I will wish him luck for next year. Make sure to stay posted and keep visiting my blog page for updates on “Politics, Culture, and Entertainment.”


SYTYCD (Episode 9) – Top 4 FINALE!

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As sad as this may sound, this is one of my favorite moments on the summer. Every summer, since 2004, I cannot wait until August, so I can catch the Top 4 Dancers on the SYTYCD Finale. This year, SYTYCD has had the strongest Top 4 contestants since Season 2. The top 4 Dancers this season are: Katee, Courtney, Joshua, and Twitch – all dancers that have busted their butt and fought through crowd votes to make it to the finale. Similar to only one other couple (Donyelle and Benji), Katee and Joshua has been the second couple in SYTYCD history to ever make the Top 4.

The Top 4 Finale is different than any other episode because everyone dances with everyone, including Katee and Courtney, Josh and Twitch, and all 4 dancers.

The judges for the night are Emmy-nominated Mandy Moore, Ballroom Queen Mary Murphy, and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Couple 1: (Courtney and Twitch) — Hip Hop

Judges: Mandy exclaimed “that was awesome!” She added that the Jersey really came came out in Courtney and Twitch always comes into character. Mary said that she felt everything from the performers and the routine was a knockout. Then, Mary let out her loud usual annoying scream. Nigel responded that Twitch should be grateful he was dancing with Courtney and not Mary. He also adds that Courtney took on this role perfectly.


In my opinion, this was her best solo of the season. She was so endearing at the end of the routine and could tell that she really respected and loves the experience of dancing. Mandy told Courtney that she has come really far — her spirit and soul is in it. Mary said “you have really been a surprise… you fought for everything and are a true inspiration to ladies everywhere!” Nigel ended in saying “I am so delighted that you’re in the Top 4… it shows how inspirational you truly are.”

Couple 2: (Katee and Josh) — Lyrical

Judges: I can honestly say there is not a single time when this couple has disappointed me. I was literally fighting back tears during this performance. As said previously, I absolutely love Donyelle/Benji (Season 2) and Sabra/Dominic (Season 3), but Katee and Josh are my favorite couple overall. Their chemistry and versatility are incredible. Mandy said “Katee, you are so beautiful and honest in your movements… technically, it could have been slightly better, but it was still fabulous.” Mary said that the routine was absolutely beautiful and the routine was nothing short of FIRE! She added, “I am glad to see you two make the finale together.” Nigel ended in saying “Katee danced it brilliantly and Josh is not a normal dancer… you are a brilliant dancer!”

Couple 3: (Katee and Courtney) — Broadway

Judges: Typically on every finale, I normally like the guys dance more than the girls and this was no exception. Not that this was a bad dance (it certainly was not), I just preferred that guys dance slightly better. Overall, still a wonderful execution. Mandy told the girls that they look adorable and they have nice chemistry. She added, that is reminded her of Old Hollywood. Mary said that is was great chemistry and it was danced effortless… “Who wouldn’t mind seeing the two of you together?” Although Nigel still complimented both, he told Courtney to complete her extensions like Katee.


Twitch has always deliveredamazing solos, so this was no problem for him. Mandy told Twitch that she was happy that he was in the Top 4. Mary said that he is great in most styles, but as a freestyler, she is speechless (which is easier said than done). Nigel said “you have left your mark all over this competition… you are an entertainer.”

Couple 4: (Josh and Twitch) — Russian Trepak

Judges: Initially, I was afraid of the dance, but then I remembered the last dance style I was afraid of was Bollywood and that performance was fantastic, and this was no different. This performance received an immediate standing ovation from the judges.  Mandy responded “the physical and technical ability is amazing!” Mary told the guys that both of them are fabulous entertainers and it is great the this season is the first time there are 2 hip hop dancers in the finale! She added “this is one of the most fabulous numbers we have had on SYTYCD!” Nigel teased Josh for not being able to handle all of the floorworklike Twitch. Mandy then said, “you should be able to handle it because you are shorter.” Josh immediately responds, “but, I can jump higher.” Their personality really came to life during this routine. Nigel said “josh, your elevation is amazing and Twitch, I don’t keep how you can keep doing that.”


Personally, Katee has been such a strong competitor from Week One when her and Josh performed to “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. She is only one of two dancers in this season to never have been in the bottom two and at least deserves to come in second place (if not the winner). Mandy told Katee to keep dancing and stay in ballet to continue her artistry. Mary said “you have been a tremendous and athletic dancer on this show, and I look forward to you continuing to blossom.” Nigel said that Katee is brilliant! Congrats!

Couple 5: (Katee and Twitch) — Fox Trot

Judges: Mandy said that this dance was very romantic and the lift was amazing. Mary said, “Twitch that the Fox Trot is a gentleman’s dance and you are one cool gentleman… Katee, Bravo.” Nigel told Katee that she is simply splendid and she can do everything with honesty and beauty. He then told Twitch that he is fantastic!


Similar to Katee, Josh is another strong standout of this season. He is only one of two competitors (Katee being the other), to have never been in the bottom two this season. He has been a great competitor since Week One performing to “No Air” with Katee. If I had my way, he will be the winner of the competition (or Katee). It is something about his personality and sense of humor that just adds to his incredible dancing.  Mandy said “josh, you are smooth, charismatic, you hit with your body… excellent job. Mary responded, “you have been riding first class on the hot tamale train all the way to the finale… you deserve to be here (you’ve got it all).” Nigel ended in saying “you have set the standards with untrained dancers, so next year people will really have to come up with your standard.”

Couple 6: (Courtney and Josh) — Jive

Judges: Mandy Moore complimented the choreography, saying “holy moly, there were incredible things being done in this choreography.” Mary said the jive is one of the fastest and hardest dances in latindance and what you just did, all I can do is bow to you. Nigel disagreed withthe other judges saying “this is the finale and I expected more… I could easily act as if it was great, but it could have been better.”

The moment we have all been waiting for… TOP 4 GROUP ROUTINE (Contemporary):

Judges: This performance was pure perfection from the first time they entered the stage. Mandy said that this was physically amazing… the versatility of the dancers are incredible. Congrats to Mia Michaels. Mary said “Mia does not hold back with anything… Twitch, you were a standout for me and Katee, you are simply flawless for me. There were some weak spots overall, but a great dance. Nigel said that the four of the dancers are so wonderful and each of them deserve to be in the Top 4 because they all bring something different to the competition. “No one can complain about that performance!”

Who will win the competition?

Personally, I love all of the dancers, but my ideal order would be:

4.) Courtney

3.) Twitch

2.) Runner Up: Katee (although I wouldn’t mind her winning either)

1.) America’s Favorite Dancer: Josh

Tonight, Thursday, August 7th, at 8:00pm will be the moment that all So You Think You Can Dance fans have been waiting for: the RESULTS and “America’s Favorite Dancer!” Stay tuned to Fox tonight to see the resuls.

SYTYCD: Episode 8 Results (Top 6) – Goodbye Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura

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The moment we have all been waiting for… The announcement of the Top 4 dancers on SYTYCD! Starting off the episode, was the Mandy Moore routine to “The Rose” by Bette Midler. The Top 6 choreography by Mandy Moore was absolutely beautiful and the dancers brought the routine to life. Check it out!

Following the Top 6 group dance, all three judges gave outstanding compliments to all six of the dancers. they are clearly one of the strongest groups on SYTYCD, and I really appreciate their artistry and versatility as dancers.


— Courtney: Emotional and endearing performance.

— Mark:I do not understand his style and I secretly enjoy it. Still, he should go home tonight.

— Katee: Absolutely incredible! She is clearly “born to dance.”

— Josh: Showing more of a versatile hip-hop style… Braces off!

— Chelsie: Best solo in her element.

— Twitch: Entertaining dancing… Ice skating meets hip hop.

The solos previously performed will not change the results. They are done so that the audience and viewers can see them perform in their element. Following the solos, Lil Demon danced to “Planet Rock” by African Bambaataa. This was such an incredible performance by a 6-year-old child. He dances better than almost anyone I know.

— First for the girls: KATEE IS SAFE!

First for the guys: JOSH IS SAFE!

*To increase our suspense slightly more, Cat Deeley brings Lady Gaga to the stage to perform her new song “Just Dance.” I haven’t heard too much about Lady Gaga, but she is insanely talented. Honestly, she is extremely good because she is not a typical “pop” performer.

— Second for the girls: COURTNEY IS SAFE!

First for the guys: TWITCH IS SAFE!

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised Chelsie was not in the Top 4. Her and Mark are extremely versatile dancers, and I am glad they made it this far in the competition. This means the Top 4 Dancers for the finale will be: Katee, Courtney, Josh, and Twitch. For right now, I believe the order will be

4.) Courtney

3.) Twitch

2.) Katee/Josh

1.) Katee/Josh

Obviously, I really cannot tell who will win the competition. Either way, I LOVE Katee and Josh, so I will not care who will win between these two incredibly talented dancers.

Stay tuned on Wednesday, August 6th, at 8:00pm for the Top 4 dancers, as they compete for $250,000 and the chance to be voted “America’s Best Dancer!” Who will win the competition… We shall see.

SYTYCD (Episode 8) – Top 6 Dancers

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Besides the votes to decide the winner of the competition, the votes for who makes the finale is almost as important. This is a strong top 6 this year, although I don’t think anything will compare to Season 2, but this is pretty close. Admittedly, I wish Mark would have went home last week, but he is still an interesting dancer that apparently America loves. After watching this episode, I have concluded that either Josh or Katee will win this SYTYCD this season and deservedly so. I will repeat at the end, I believe the Top 4 will be: Katee, Chelsie, Josh, and Twitch. Honestly, I like Cheslie and Courtney a lot, but I feel Chelsie is slightly better although I would be satisfied with who makes it out of either of them. Who are the “new” couples?

Couple 1: (Courtney and Mark)

Viennese Waltz (First Performance):

Judges: This was a beautiful performance, but the most boring one of the night. That is not really a bad thing honestly because all the couples were amazing tonight. Adam said that the top 6 are so strong this season and the two of them were terrific. Adam continued, “Mark, your rise and fall was the best of the guys and Courtney, there is nothing I can say to you… you are remarkable.” Mary said this was an excellent routine and that it was brought to life. Nigel agreed, calling the routine “beautifully romantic… you started the evening off really well.”

Jazz (Second Performance):

Judges: First, I love Sonya’s choreography. It is always different from many contemporary and jazz routines that I typically see. Adam said that he is glad the judges have nothing to do with voting because that was sick! Mary screamed and proclaimed that she loved it! Nigel agrees with the other two judges, give much needed compliments to Sonya (saying it personified her style), and told Mark that this routine really suited him and told Courtney she was fabulous.

Couple 2: (Katee and Joshua)

Contemporary (First Performance):

Judges: I know I always say that one of their performances is the best I have seen on SYTYCD, but that’s because it is true! Although I was infatuated with Donyelle and Benji (Season 2) and Sabra and Dominic (Season 3), this is the strongest couple of all the seasons in my opinion. Their versatility and technique is incredible. Adam said that this was his favorite choreography from Tyce all season! He told the couple that they are by far one of the most exciting dancers that have stepped on this stage… “Holy trinity of this season.” Mary responded, “you two always dance with passion and I see you both in the finale this season.” After this response, Adam and Mary give the couple a standing ovation. Nigel tells Josh that he is so brilliant and the two delivered the performance brilliantly.

Paso Doble (Second Performance):

Judges: Another incredible performance by the best couple of this season! According to Adam, “Josh, you are making me believe in the impossible and Katee, I cannot wait for you to see this on tv because I loved this!” Mary said when Katee and Joshua and together, magic truly happens. Calls the dance phenomenal and let our her cheerful, yet annoying Mary scream. Nigel told them that if Josh keeps dancing like this, he is going to steal the show.

Couple 3: (Chelsie and Twitch)

Mambo (First Performance):

Judges: “Chelsie, you are on fire — Twitch, you are out of your element but still sell everything well because you are a strong partner,” said Adam. Mary believed this was a great routine and she has to give props to Twitch. She then calls Chelsie a firecracker on the dance floor. Nigel said that this whole routing was great and he looks forward to the next routine.

Hip Hop (Second Performance):

Judges: First, I love the conductor scenario in this performance. Adam gives compliments to Tabitha and Napoleon to the choreography and says that Twitch and Chelsie and phenomenal dancers, which I have to agree. Mary said “Twitch, you are outstanding no matter what you are given… Chelsie, you are always keeping up – unbelievable!” Nigel said that you can watch this show and not give a ‘damn’ about dancing… this is a case where everyone can enjoy because it is entertaining.

Top 6 Dancers (SOLOS): I will post my favorite clips when they become available

1.) Chelsie — Very sexy solo, but Latin dancing can start to look repetitive.

2.) Twitch — Always has an unique solo.

3.) Katee — She has always been a great soloist!

4.) Josh — OUTSTANDING! My favorite solo of the night. Showed growth and versality.

5.) Courtney — Very good solo!

6.) Mark — He is a great performer, but it seems like the same “Mark solo.”

Prediction of Bottom 2 Girls:

1.) Courtney

2.) Chelsie

Prediction of Bottom 2 Guys:

1.) Mark

2.) Twitch

Who will be eliminated this week?

Last week, I predicted that Comfort would be going home, but I was far off when I selected Mark would be going home (he wasn’t even in bottom). This week, I am predicting that the Top 4 will be: Katee, Chelsie, Josh, and Twitch. I think Mark and Courtney will be going home, but as I said before I will be satisfied if either Chelsie or Courtney makes it, but I prefer Chelsie slightly more than Courtney. Either way, I do not think Mark should be in the Top 2 guys. He is an incredible dancer, but I feel Josh and Twitch are stronger and more versatile dancers.

SYTYCD: Episode 7 Results (Top 8) – Goodbye Comfort Fedoke and William Wingfield

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I can’t even hold this until the end of this blog… I cannot believe that Will was voted off! Honestly, my top 4 for quite some time has been: Katee, Chelsie, Josh, and Will. This week, I really hope Mark is eliminated. I like him, but feel the other three men were stronger and more versatile dancers.

The Top 8 group dance was really interesting. I love the “Universal Mind Control” song  by Common. The choreographer was Chuck Maldanaldo and I am glad they decide to use him more. Personally, the dancers that stood out the most were Comfort, Twitch, and Comfort. Check it out!

Following the top 8 group dance, Cat Deeley went straight into the contestants that will be in the bottom four. I did not like how they did that this week. If you didn’t get a chance to watch last Thursday’s episode, they brought the contestants out one-by-one, while the other people awaiting their fate sat backstage.

— Katee (SAFE)


Comfort (BOTTOM 2 GIRLS)

Mark (SAFE – SHOCK!)

Chelsie (SAFE)

Twitch (BOTTOM 2 GUYS)

Joshua (SAFE)

Courtney (BOTTOM 2 GIRLS)

Immediately, knew I would be angry with the guys either way. I really thought Mark was going home. Following the the results of who will be in the bottom, Ashley Morgan and Eddie Tavar from the Los Angeles Ballet performed the Pas de Deux). It was definitely a beautiful dance and I never really realized how flexible dancers were. I guess that means I am marrying a dancer for obvious reasons.


— Comfort: Absolutely amazing solo. Probably her best solo since her being on SYTYCD.

Will: He is such an incredible technician!

Courtney: She has the tendency of doing sexy and seductive solos and I love them.

Twitch: Always does really great solos!

The solos previously performed will not change the results. They are done so that the audience and viewers can see them perform in their element.

*Following the solos, there was a surprise performance by LL Cool J and the Dream.  The only thing I can say is when has LL Cool J ever done a bad performance?

GOING HOME: Comfort and Will

Although I was extremely upset with the results (mainly the guys since I expected the girls), this was the best ending this season. They truly went out with grace and gave nothing but advice to the remaining dancers. It truly shows the Comfort is a true fighter and Will is a God-send to the dance world.

Stay tuned on Wednesday, July 30th, at 8:00pm for the Top 6 dancers, as they compete for $250,000 and the chance to be voted “America’s Best Dancer!” Who will be the next eliminated… We shall see.

SYTYCD (Episode 7) – Top 8 Dancers

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After a couple of surprising instances on last weeks show, every SYTYCD fan was anticipating the Top 8 dancers: Katee, Chelsie, Courtney, Comfort, Josh, Will, Twitch, and Mark. The judges for the day are Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe, Ballroom Expert Mary Murphy, and dancer extraordinaire Toni Basil. Who are the new couples?

Couple 1: (Courtney and Will)

Samba (First Performance):

Judges: Nigel said that he feels tonight is going to be a great night, and boy was he right. “When you get out of technique, it was fantastic and the chemistry was really good,” said Nigel. Mary said “Where’s Ashton because I feel I am being punked… these two contemporary dancers are salsa dancers. Wow!” Guest judge, Toni Basil, said “every dance style takes a lifetime to master, but I was so entertained, I almost forgot I was judging.”

Lyrical Hip Hop (Second Performance):

Judges: Nigel said he was emotionally effected by this routine because it was very beautiful. Mary agreed and said “you are two tremendous dancers, so I really have high expectation or you… Unfortunately, you didn’t met them — you BLEW them away!” Toni said it was a great act that makes you feel something and she is glad to have seen it on this show. She then adds “America will never feel the same about dance again after seeing this show.”

Couple 2: (Katee and Twitch) —

Contemporary (First Performance):

Judges: Personally, this was my favorite performance of the night! The technicality, artistry, and musicianship with this dance is incredible! Nigel said “the performance was just fantastic… What goes on through Michaels mind, he jokes. He adds that this was danced brilliantly – wonderful characters and entertaining. Mary said these are probably two of the best dancers the show has seen on this stage. Toni Basil said that she didn’t take any notes on this performance either – “I loved it,” she said.

Broadway (Second Performance):

Judges: Nigel said that he loved this performance — “Twitch, you blow we away with your dancing and Katee, you are such and beautiful and entertaining dancer,” he admits. “That was just terrific,” Mary exclaims. She adds that the performance was magnificent and it doesn’t even look like work out there for you two. Toni said she believed they both did wonderful, she felt Katee may have had a slightly more difficult time to evoke the character than Twitch.

Couple 3: (Comfort and Mark) —

Hip Hop (First Performance):

Judges: Another one of the hottest performances of the night! Nigel said “Comfort, you are absolutely incredible… what surprised me was how good you were Mark!” Mary told them that they did a great job and the synchronizations were on point. “Comfort, you were hitting it tonight because you are a great dancer. Mark, you did a good job tonight as well,” she said. Toni said “the opening piece was fabulous, joyful, and terrific… I think you all brought everything together.”

Fox Trot (Second Performance):

Judges: Everyone should have figured that the judges were not going to be the greatest fan of this from the start. Nigel said “… lady luck walked in with hip hop and walked out during this routine. It was slightly amateur,” he adds. Mary agrees and said that nothing was melting in this routine. Toni agreed with the other two judges and said “Mark, your lines were good, but this just okay… Your hip hop routine was fabulous though.”

Couple 4: (Chelsie and Joshua) —

Argentine Tango (First Performance):

Judges: Nigel said they picked the most technical of all dance routines thus far… Chelsie, your legs are amazing and Josh you do have the biggest ‘bum.’ Loved the performance!” Mary exclaimed “you are still on the Hot Tamale Train!” She adds that when Josh came out, he set the mood of it all and that Chelsie was so sexy.” Guest judge Toni said she needed to feel like it was spontaneous and it was. She admits that she saw at least one mistake from Josh, but it was still amazing.


Disco (Second Performance):

Judges: Nigel starts by saying that Josh’s strength is Dorianna Sanchez’s dream because those are lifts very strong people can do. He also says while that is amazing, it is great that Chelsie had the courage to do it. Mary says “you two are out-of-sight tonight!” Toni says “this performance brought back the spirit of disco and you two have the strength, versatility, and lines.”

Top 8 Dancers (SOLOS): I will post clips when they become available

1.) Comfort — Good solo, but needs more versatility and movement

2.) Will — I always love his solos… NOT this time though.

3.) Katee — This woman is extremely versatile and one of the best dancers on this entire season!

4.) Mark — Very interesting solo; sometimes interesting isn’t that good.

5.) Chelsie — Thought the solo could have been better; still a STRONG competitor though.

6.) Josh — Finally a solo that I love. I will be surpirsed if he doesn’t make it to the finale.

7.) Courtney — Another solo that is worth praising.

8.) Twitch — The crowd loves Twitch and so do I, but I wanted something more from his solo.

Prediction of Bottom Two Girls:

1.) Comfort

2) Courtney (difficult to pick the second girl)

Prediction of Bottom Two Guys:

1.) Mark

2) Twitch (extremely difficult to select the second guy)

Who will be eliminated this week?

Last week, I said that Comfort and Gev would be eliminated last week, but I was surprised when I found out it was Kherington. Comfort is definitely a fighter – This week, I think her fight will end. The remaining girls are more versatile, although I love Comfort and wish her will. I believe the guy going home will be Mark. He has an interesting dance style, but I believe the other men are too strong and has to large of a fanbase to be eliminated.

SYTYCD: Episode 6 Results (Top 10) – Goodbye Kherington Payne and Gev Manoukian

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I was watching this at the same time I was getting ready to leave before I went to go meet the cast of “The Way It Is,” regarding the life of R&B sensation Keyshia Cole and her family. Here are some pictures.


Ever since I saw Katee and Joshua do the first even Bollywood routine a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t wait for another couple to do the performance. This time, it was a group dance, which is just as great, although I would have rather seen this choreography with slightly more people. Check it out:

Following the Bollywood performance, we have one of the most emotional, powerful, graceful performances that the SYTYCD stage has to offer — with choreographer with none other than Emmy-Award winning Mia Michaels. Dancing to “Ave Marie,” is the Top 5 girls.

Following the phenomenal girls dance, Cat Deeley announces who is safe and who will be in the bottom two.

— Chelsie (SAFE)

— Comfort (BOTTOM TWO)

— Katee (SAFE)

— Courtney (SAFE)

— Kherington (BOTTOM TWO)

I think everyone was excited for the Top 5 guys choreography because of the mystery choreographer. Needless to say, I was slightly disappointed with the performance, and since I know the guys are phenomenal dancers, I have no choice but to put most blame on the choreographer – – who is it? Nigel Lythgoe. Yes, the same Executive Producer and judge of So You Think You Can Dance.  Also, helping with the choreographer (I presume they actually put the “good” parts in there are Chuck Maldanaldo and SugaPop).

Following the performance from the Top 5 guys, Cat Deeley announced the guys that were safe and the ones that could be in danger of leaving the competition.

— Josh (SAFE)

— Will (SAFE)



— Twitch (SAFE)

After announcing the individuals that would be in the Bottom Four, the dancers perform solos that will NOT change the votes, but just to showcase their talents.

GOING HOME: Kherington and Gev

I think everyone expected Gev, but I was shocked as the next person when Cat announced that Kherington was leaving over Comfort. Not that I necessarily agree with that decision because as much as I love Kherington, it seemed as if she was starting to give up and not take criticism well at all (check the footage). So this week, I only selected 1/2 individuals that were sent home.

Stay tuned on Wednesday, July 23rd, at 8:00pm for the Top 8 dancers, as they compete for $100,000 and the chance to be voted “America’s Best Dancer!” Who will be the next eliminated… We shall see.